Tuesday, January 16, 2018

'Psychokinesis' Trailer: 'Train To Busan' Director Yeon Sang-Ho Takes On Superhero Movies

I dig Train to Busan. It’s one of those movies that comes out every once in a while and reminds us that there’s still life left in what appears to be a particularly drained subgenre, zombie movies in this case. Now, a short time later, South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho is back to put his stamp on superhero movies with Psychokinesis. Check out the latest trailer below.

Judging by this trailer, Psychokinesis is a very different animal from both your typical superhero fair and Train to Busan. That movie is grim and frenetic, while this definitely has a lighter touch and more laughs. But I’m down to ride anywhere with Yeon, which is part of why this ended up as one of my 50 most anticipated movies of 2018.

The story follows an ordinary guy (Ryu Seung-ryong, War of the Arrows), just going through his days, who discovers he has some kind of supernatural powers. It’ll be curious to see how he acquires his abilities—is this an inherent thing that wakes up in a time of great stress, or a radioactive spider kind of situation. Regardless, these new skills come in handy when he has to save his daughter (Shim Eun-kyung, Train to Busan) after she gets in some kind of ill-defined accident. And, of course, he’s learning on the job, so there are bound to be mishaps and shenanigans of all varieties. All in all, it looks a bit like Hancock, but let’s hope better than that.

Psychokinesis opens in South Korean theaters in just a few weeks, on January 31. Netflix picked up the global distribution rights, which means we’ll get to see it eventually, though they neglected to nail down a specific date. Let’s hope it drops before too long, because I want it, I want it soon. Yes, I’m spoiled.

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