Friday, June 8, 2018

Blumhouse's 'Halloween' Trailer Makes You Believe In The Boogey Man

Well damn. I didn’t realize how excited I was, or really that I was excited at all, for Blumhouse’s new Halloween movie until the other day when they released a handful of teasers for the first trailer. (I know, I know, trailers for trailers, it’s silly, all that.) But when the music kicked in, I got chills. Well, the full trailer is here. Again, chills.

I know this new Halloween supposedly messes with the timeline and screws up the cannon and ignores some of the sequels. But I don’t care. I am here all day for Jamie Lee Curtis playing Laurie Strode like a grizzled old survivalist bent on revenge. Honestly, even if this wasn’t a Halloween movie, I’d watch the hell out of that. It also looks like a perfect way to delve into surviving trauma and various other potentially intriguing areas.

You can only tell so much from a trailer, but Halloween looks pretty legit. Will it be as good as John Carpenter’s? Probably not. But most movies, horror and otherwise, aren’t. The duo of David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) and Danny McBride (This is the End) may sound like an unlikely pair to usher this into existence, but though they don’t have a ton of horror on their resumes, they’re both huge genre fans. And it looks like they’re telling a story that’s both a sequel to the original, but that also updates the franchise in an interesting way. I’m game for that.

In this new Halloween, Michael Myers has been in an institution since his killing spree all those years ago. Until, of course, some dumbfuck does something stupid that allows him to escape. But that’s music to the ears of Laurie Strode, his original prey, who has been waiting and preparing to kill him ever since.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton, and opens everywhere on October 19. Just in time for, you know, Halloween.

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