Thursday, July 31, 2014

'Kingdom' Trailer Shows You That Nick Jonas Can Kick Your Ass

MMA fans, it looks like we’re about to get our very own dramatic TV show with Kingdom. Assuming you get the DirectTV channel, which you can bet is the exclusive property of DirectTV the television provider.

This is sure to garner comparisons to Warrior, as the focus is more on the characters that surrond Navy St. MMA, a gym populated by a mixture of down-on-their-luck, up-and-coming, and past-their-prime fighters, and all the drama that comes along with that. The subject matter looks suitably grim, full of drugs, drinking, and fighting, both in and out of the ring or cage. Though the story itself doesn’t look super original—it’s the setting and world that are going to be the hook—it looks solid, and they’ve put together a solid cast that includes Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy), Jonathan Tucker (The Black Donnellys, Kiele Sanchez (also The Purge: Anarchy), Matt Luria (Friday Night Lights), and Nick Jonas. More than anything, it looks like they got the actual training and fighting right, which is always a big if in situations like this.

If I can find a way to watch Kingdom, I’ll definitely give it a chance when it premieres on October 8. If nothing else, you walk away from this trailer knowing that one of the Jonas Brothers can kick your ass. That’s a sobering thought that makes me want to get back to the gym post haste.


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