Friday, June 19, 2015

Korean Thriller 'A Hard Day' Gets An Action-Packed Trailer That Only Hints At The Waiting Absurdity

When you hear of a South Korean thriller about a corrupt homicide detective covering up his own hit and run as some unknown force stalks him from the shadows, you probably think dark and gritty. And A HardDay certainly has elements of that, but it is also startlingly funny to boot. While this new trailer plays up the action elements, there is much more going on, and you also get a taste of the absurdity in play.

Trying to do away with evidence of his misdeeds, detective Ko Gun-su gets caught up in an escalating series of problems that spiral out of control until he’s so deep he can’t even see the surface anymore. Full of action and car chases and elements of Hitchcockian tension building, A Hard Day is a total blast and tweaks the genre formula in new and entertaining ways.

A long time coming, A Hard Day hits U.S. theaters on July 17. Check out the trailer below.

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