Monday, May 20, 2019

SIFF 2019: 'Knife+Heart' Movie Review

A heavily stylized, giallo-inspired, queer slasher about a masked, dildo-knife-wielding serial killer stalking a low-budget gay porn crew in late-1970s Paris? Damn, Knife+Heart, you had my full attention from the word go.

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Director Yann Gonzalez’ throwback unfolds like a sleazy, goofy, prog-and-disco-driven (courtesy of M83’s score), garishly lit, Phantom of the Paradise nightmare. It’s a mysterious whodunnit, and a tale of spurned love and madness. Gonzalez and company capture the gritty aesthetic, tone, and mood more closely than most imitators, thanks in large part to a near-perfect Vanessa Paradis as a wilted school marm for the whole chaotic party.

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