Wednesday, September 4, 2019

'Girl With No Mouth' Trailer: Can Evrenol Returns With A Post-Apocalyptic Fable

With the likes of Baskin and Housewife on his CV, Turkish director Can Evrenol has proven more than adept at crafting straight up nightmare fuel in the form of horror movies. While his latest, Girl With No Mouth, looks dark and strange, it appears to fall more into the fairy tale or fable category than whatever the hell family his other films belong to. Check out a new trailer below.

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While Girl With No Mouth looks different from Evrenol’s earlier films, it still looks fantastic. It’s always cool to see a filmmaker stretch in new directions and explore new territory. And I may be going out on a limb here, but even though this trailer plays pretty and tranquil, I suspect we may be in for some horrific, twisted turns. After all, the tagline on the poster is “A Grim Post-Apocalyptic Adventure for the Whole Family.”

There’s definitely a fairy tale feel here, a sense of heightened not-quite-reality. The obvious comparison points look to be the OG Grimm stories, but with a modern flair. That said, it’s rooted in a more desolate real world possibilities.

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Based on a Turkish short story, the film follows Perihan, the girl referenced in the title, and takes place in a world ravaged by an as-yet undisclosed nuclear disaster. Children exposed to radiation are born without body parts and hunted by the military. Perihan’s father raises her in hiding, but when they’re discovered, and his own twin kills him, she escapes and befriends a gang of three boys, also missing key body parts, and this misfit crew sets out on a journey of survival.

That sounds suitably grim and bleak for Evrenol’s sensibilities. 

Girl With No Mouth will reportedly show during some upcoming festivals. I’m actually a little surprised it didn’t show up in the Fantastic Fest lineup, though the film was originally scheduled to shoot in August, which would be one hell of a quick turnaround. XYZ bought the North American rights back in May, so hopefully we’ll get to see it early next year.

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