Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dating Only Leads To Misery In This 'It Follows' Trailer

Horror movies have taught us many lessons over the years, like don’t go to camp, don’t go into the woods or caves, be nice to creepy old Gypsy ladies, if you hear an unexplained noise just leave, and many others. They’ve also taught us that nothing good will come from dating. You’ll probably get kidnapped, you’ll have to deal with an insane stalker, or, in the case of the upcoming It Follows, you’ll catch a sexually transmitted haunting. That’s a new twist, and as we get closer and closer to release, we’ve got another creepy new trailer to check out.

It Follows has a cool, clever concept that hasn’t been driven into the ground; there’s a strong cast, headed by The Guest’s Maika Monroe, who we should hopefully be seeing more of in the near future; and writer/director David Robert Mitchell (The Myth of the American Sleepover) appears to have a nice grasp on tone and pace. This is one we’re definitely looking forward to in 2015.

Here’s a synopsis:

As 19-year-old Jay’s summer—spent hanging with friends, lounging in a backyard pool—nears an end, her unperturbed suburban existence is about to be horrifyingly upended. After sleeping with a new boyfriend, she’s suddenly pursued, slowly but persistently, by a malevolent supernatural presence that takes the form of different people. Hoping to buy time and devise a plan, Jay and her friends escape to a beach house. But it’s coming.

It Follows opens in theaters on March 13. And remember kids, dating sucks and only leads to misery.

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