Friday, January 9, 2015

'Run All Night' Sounds Generic But This Trailer Is Awesome

Liam Neeson. Ed Harris. Revenge. Stern man talking. Seriously, I don’t need anything else to get me to see a movie, but this new trailer for Run All Night is right up my alley. There are tough dudes saying tough things, Vincent D’Onofrio as a harried cop, a nameless thug getting choked out on a skeevy bathroom floor, and one long night that never seems to end and changes everything. Sign me up.

Granted, the Taken movies look like they should be totally rad, too, but they’re not (I’m not even a fan of the first one), and this is helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed Neeson in Non-Stop and Unknown, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But I’m willing to look past that because this trailer looks so badass. Run All Night is also rated R, which hopefully means we’re in for the brutal, graphic violence this sort of movie requires to be a success.

The plot is a relatively simple, bare bones affair, and that’s just fine. Liam Neeson kills Ed Harris’ son because Ed Harris’ son is trying to kill Liam Neeson’s son (Joel Kinnaman). Both fathers are obviously old acquaintances, and involved in some kind of sprawling criminal enterprise. Whatever their relationship, there are obviously a lot of people about to be killed in this one.

Run All Night opens everywhere April 17.

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