Friday, January 30, 2015

Check Out This Trailer For Sion Sono's 'Shinjuku Swan,' It's As Nuts As You Hoped

Sion Sono is a busy, busy guy. Why Don’t You Play in Hell made the festival rounds last year, Tokyo Tribe premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he apparently has six, yes, six, movies due out this year. This includes Shinjuku Swan, which just dropped this new trailer that is totally in the wheelhouse of the maverick Japanese director.

This video may only be 30-seconds-long, but it’s a wild ride. Based on a manga by Ken Wakui, the film follows an unemployed man who falls into a job recruiting women for the sex trade in Tokyo’s red light district. Things, of course, get tense and violent, and as you can see, weirdly upbeat—you don’t necessarily expect to see two young lovers holding hands and skipping in a movie about the criminal underworld and sex workers. But then again, this is a Sion Sono movie, so you should be ready for this sort of thing.

Sony Pictures picked up the rights, so that means we should get to see this slice of mayhem from the cult auteur. They’ll drop it in 300 theaters on May 30, the same day that it opens in Japan. But for now, bask in this short blast of mayhem.

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