Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Salma Hayek's Dad Wanted A Boy In This Badass 'Everly' Trailer

Last month, we showed you a trailer for the Selma Hayek-starring, Die Hard-eque actioner Everly, and it was good. The film hits VOD later this week, with a theatrical run starting next month, and in case you weren’t convinced the first time around, the Joe Lynch-directed shoot-em-up is back with another trailer that looks like just as much badass fun as the first.

Hayek plays the title character, a call girl who rolls on her boss, becoming a snitch for the cops. That, of course, doesn’t go over well, and when he sends assassins to take her out, she has to fight her way out of an apartment, which apparently means killing some old friends after a payday, taking out wave after wave of faceless goons, and even chucking a hand grenade into a full elevator as the doors close. The action here looks fast and explosive, and this trailer is half tooling up scene, half kill-crazy rampage. What more do you need?

Everly is available on VOD starting Friday, January 23, and hits theaters on February 27.

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