Friday, January 27, 2017

Supernatural Indonesian Horror 'Danur' Drops A Creepy New Trailer

Be careful what you wish for and all that. Every weird, lonely, outcast child just wants a BFF. In the trailer for new Indonesian horror film, Danur, when a young girl makes a birthday wish, she gets the wrong kind of friend. Check it out below.

This theatrical trailer for Danur has everything you need: a spooky tree, a creepy doll, swings swinging on their own, things in mirrors that aren’t there in real life…until they are. It hits all the necessary supernatural horror beats. And it doesn’t hurt that, according to Screen Anarchy, the title roughly translates to “corpse juice.”

Here’s the very thorough synopsis for Danur:
Little Risa is lonely. Her father is working in a foreign country and her mother is kept busy between taking care of her sick grandmother in the hospital and her job as a public servant. So Little Risa is spending her school holiday mostly alone in her grandmother's big house. When her mother misses her 8th birthday, Little Risa wishes for a friend. As soon as she blows the candle, she hears a little boy singing... 
That night, Little Risa meets three little Dutch boys playing hide-and-seek in her grandmother's closet. They introduce themselves as Peter, William and Janshen. Her wish for a friend has been granted threefold. She doesn't care that her mother can't seem to see her new friends, their friendship is real to her. Until one night her mother comes home with a paranormal and he opens her inner eye... Little Risa finally sees her friends in their true form. 
9 years later. Risa is a teenager and she hasn't seen her childhood friends since that night. She has to return to her grandmother's house to take care of her until a replacement nanny arrives. Upon the nanny's arrival, strange things start to happen and Risa just might need her childhood friends more than ever.

Though it’s largely underappreciated on a larger scale, and often takes a back seat to its action cinema, Indonesia has a solid niche when it comes to international horror. Writer/director Awi Suryadi wrangled up new fans with his 2015 clown thriller Badoet, and Danur looks like a strong next step. He’s crafted a creepy atmosphere, scares for days, and nice unsettling feeling—and that’s just in the trailers we’ve seen thus far.

Based on Risa Saraswati’s best-selling novel, Gerbang Dialog Danur, Macabre star Sareefa Daanish stars. Danur is set for a March 30 release in Indonesia. Hopefully it will make the global rounds shortly thereafter.

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