Tuesday, July 23, 2019

'Wu Assassins' Clip: Watch Iko Uwais Pummel Dudes In A Hallway

Looking for a reason to get excited about a movie or series, the presence of Iko Uwais usually does the trick. Such is the case with Netflix’s upcoming supernatural action show, Wu Assassins. It lands on the streaming behemoth in a few weeks, and just in case we weren’t already all jacked up, this badass new clip should do the trick.

This Wu Assassins clip shows Iko Uwais doing what he does best, pummeling dudes within an inch of their lives. Which is precisely what I want to see. Especially when set to a bouncy K-pop song.

And who doesn’t love a good hallway fight? Sure, it’s been done to death at this point, but you know what? No one does quite like this. The fight choreography—courtesy of Uwais and his team—is off the charts, and even though a few moments are over-edited, it’s not intrusive or distracting. If this is a taste of what Wu Assassins delivers, fans will be quite pleased.

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In the show, Uwais plays Kai Jin, an aspiring chef. But wouldn’t you know it, he also discovers he’s a Wu Assassin, the latest in a line of mystical defenders who must protect San Francisco’s Chinatown against the forces of an evil ancient triad. What exactly that means, we don’t know just yet, but from this clip, a fair amount of the baddies have faces to punch. 

Wu Assassins also stars Kathryn Winnick (Vikings), Byron Mann (Arrow), and JuJu Chan (Savage Dog), and the likes of Mark Dacascos (John Wick 3) and Tommy Flanagan (Gladiator) also play recurring roles. Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Hero) handles at least some of the directorial duties. And the first episode is called “Drunken Watermelon,” so there’s that.

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Wu Assassins hits Netflix on August 8. They also plan to release a full trailer sometime today, so be on the lookout for that and check back later. 


Taufik Nurhidayat said...

Iko Uwais comes from Indonesia haha

Brent McKnight said...

They attempt to explain that away in the first or second episode. The character is apparently half Chinese and half Indonesian.