Friday, May 6, 2016

Na Hong-Jin's Thriller 'The Wailing' Gets A Creepy U.S. Trailer And Release Date

When it comes to brutal, twisted thrillers, no one in the world is currently kicking out the jams like South Korea. Next up for fans of this particular cinematic niche is Na Hong-jin’s The Wailing (Goksung). Set to debut at Cannes in short order, there’s been a glut of activity surrounding the film lately, including yet another new trailer. This one’s even subtitled in English for those of us whose Korean may be a bit rusty. Check it out.

It’s been six years since Na Hong-jin’s last feature, The Yellow Sea, and I’ve been trying not to lose my mind waiting to see what he had up his sleeve next. (You should also stop what you’re doing and watch 2008’s The Chaser just to get pumped.) From what we’ve seen, The Wailing looks like exactly what I wanted, and there’s been a huge buzz building around this one that has me even more excited than normal.

Here’s a synopsis:
In The Wailing (Goksung), the arrival of a mysterious stranger (Chun Woo-hee) in an otherwise quiet village coincides with a rash of vicious murders, causing panic and suspicion amongst the villagers. When the daughter of investigating officer Jong-Goo (Kwak Do-won) falls under the same savage spell, he calls for a shaman (Hwang Jung-min) to assist in finding the culprit.
Yeah, this sounds suitably grim and grimy, and with a fantastic cast and a creepy atmosphere, The Wailing has me tingling in all the right spots.

Though it premieres at Cannes, according to this trailer, The Wailing will get a limited theatrical release in the U.S. starting on May 27. Thank you, Well Go USA. You are, once again, my fucking heroes.

There’s also a new poster to check out below if you’re so inclined.

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