Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Adam Wingard's 'The Woods' Trailer Is Watching You

Why do we go into the wilderness? Seriously. We’ve all seen enough horror movies by this point to know that nothing good ever happens when we leave the comfort and relative ease of our city homes. There are monsters, witches, cannibals, angry bears, and ghosts and ghouls of all stripes. Even in non-horror movies, there’s a lot to contend with. You may get sexually assaulted by hill folk, suffer a horrific accident on a hike, or have to cut off your own arm. I don’t even know why I go outside anymore. And after watching the trailer for Adam Wingard’s latest, The Woods, I’m even less likely to do so than before.

With his last two outings, You’re Next and The Guest, Adam Wingard (along with writing partner in crime Simon Barrett) has set himself up as one of the best current voices in horror. As such, The Woods is something we’ve been keeping an eye on for quite some time, and it’s nice to finally get a look at it for ourselves.

Wingard and Barrett are fond of taking familiar genre set ups and putting their own spin on them, and though we don’t know much about The Woods at this point, it looks like they’re taking on found footage. (Wingard did contribute to the found footage V/H/S horror anthologies.) What we see here is vague and mysterious, but promising. Let’s be honest, we were going to see this regardless of whether or not there even was a trailer, so this should get your horror nerves tingling, especially set to an eerie, breathy version of the Police’ “Every Breath You Take.” That’s a creepy song to begin with, but it’s never been quite this creepy.

The Woods treks into theaters on September 16.

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