Monday, May 23, 2016

SIFF 2016: 'Carnage Park' (2016) Capsule Review

Mickey Keating’s aptly titled Carnage Park is a gritty, nasty piece of business. And I mean that as high praise. Set in 1978, this blanched-out grindhouse throwback follows the aftermath of a bank robbery gone bad. The two crooks flee the scene with a hostage, and things take a turn when they encounter a deranged former sniper who hunts them through the wilderness.

Carnage Park captures the look and feel of the back-end of a drive-in double feature. There’s no tongue-in-cheek vibe to this SIFF entry. Pat Healy, plays a wickedly unhinged Vietnam War vet. With a stark, spare style, and an almost unbearably stressful final 50 minutes (quoting a friend on that, I’m terrible at judging time), it goes unexpected directions, and the result is one of the more badass, entertaining homages to this subgenre. [Grade: B+]

UPDATE: IFC Midnight will now release Carnage Park in theaters and on VOD on July 1, and there's a new trailer to boot. Mark your calendars and enjoy.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now there's this badass poster.

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