Monday, May 2, 2016

'Here Alone' Trailer: This Post-Apocalyptic Horror Thriller Looks Creepy As Hell

At this stage of the game, post-apocalyptic zombie movies are a tough sell. And this comes from a guy whose entire left arm is taken up with a tattoo of the undead swarming the city of Seattle, so you know I have a love for this particular subset of films. For every great offering, there is a sea of absolute dreck to slog through, but the ones that hit are totally worth the search—a great zombie movie is a thing of beauty, but the bad ones are some of the worst garbage I’ve ever witnessed. Having just won the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival, Here Alone looks like it could fall into fantastic category. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this new trailer.

What we see here is creepy, moody, and reminiscent of The Battery from a couple of years ago, which his a very good thing. Here Alone (I keep typing Home Alone) falls into that slot of low-budget indie dramas that just so happen to use the undead and the end of the world as a backdrop.

Again, though there are many misses in this realm, this one looks like it has potential. At least from this trailer, there’s an eerie tension that settles over the whole picture, an ominous aesthetic, and, of course, the real monsters are the people.

Check out the synopsis for Here Alone below:
After a terrible virus ravages human civilization, Ann finds herself living alone in a forest, foraging for supplies, and accompanied only by a radio that broadcasts a single transmission in French. Few animals even remain; the only survivors seem to be the roving hordes of infected creatures with a taste for human flesh. One fateful day, Ann crosses paths with two more survivors, Chris and Olivia. But after surviving on her own for so long, she struggles to relate to them and and their desire to settle down and start a new community. As Ann tells Chris, "Those who stay, die."
Here Alone is directed by Rod Blackhurst, who is apparently a former ski racer. I guess at some point he decided he wanted to make movies, and though he has a ton of shorts on his resume, this is his first feature.

There’s no word on when Here Alone will see a release—I have my fingers crossed it will show up at the Seattle International Film Festival in a few weeks—but I’ll keep you up on any news I hear on that front.

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